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Learn Coding from Scratch

Learn and master the basics of coding to a high level

About This Course

Learn Coding from Scratch is a in depth guide into how to begin programming from the very beginning. The course will teach you all of the main elements of coding, different languages, binary code & information on how computers work, interactive lessons and more.


  • Fully documented course lessons
  • Interactive tools and lessons
  • Priority support
  • New content added even after release

Interactive tools

Use interactive tools like Scratch and CodePen to create amazing projects and learn more efficiently and easier.

Priority Help

Get fast priority support, for technical problems, or if you just don't understand anything.

Join Discussions

Join the lively conversation and engage with your peers in the discussion section for each lesson. Enhance your learning experience and gain new insights by tapping into the collective knowledge and diverse perspectives of others in the course.

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Learn Coding from Scratch

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This course can only be preordered and is still in production. The expected release is May 2023.

Note: Refunding preorders will not be possible, unless the course does not release.

Course curriculum

Please note that since the course is still in production, not every topic will be shown yet.